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Testimonials - What our Users are Saying

I have been using Cellutionware's stand alone depreciation program for close to twenty years. Obviously it is a great program or I would not use it. The owner/developer, Bob Valentine, updates the program annually to reflect all tax changes relevant to depreciation. The program is very easy to use and install. Another reason I use the program is that the service, which is not required very often, is 1st rate.  Bob always responds to e-mails within 24 hours. Several years ago, when I had a crash, I needed his hands-on assistance to get the program running properly & Bob called me right away and guided me as needed. Because the program is stand-alone, it allows the user, once year-end is done, to then update for next year's depreciation.  This provides following year depreciation cost & allows for sales and traded assets to be properly handled too. The program also includes the ability to calculate state and book depreciation as well as AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax Depreciation). Form 4562 included annually as well. In a year when sales occur, schedules can be printed detailing both regular and AMT tax gains or losses. I highly recommend anyone requiring a stand-alone depreciation program to buy this one. The cost is more than reasonable for a 1st class product.
Steve Rosenberg, CPA -- Centennial, Colorado

Thanks again for a great product and taking our feedback into consideration.
Thomas Carlson
-- Elk Grove, CA

I purchased Depreciation Calculator about two weeks ago and although I originally thought it was a little expensive, I will now tell you that it was worth it and purchasing it was the right decision, well done. The variety of reports that are available is what makes it stand out and very beneficial.
Tony Khamo, PowderCoat Services -- Anaheim, CA

I have a small accounting practice in Sacramento, and I have been using Cellutionware for about eight years. I think this software is terrific and when you factor in the cost – well it is absolutely terrific! Not only can it calculate depreciation using any method, it can calculate depreciation using several methods at the same time. You can have one method for federal, another for state, another for book and AMT too, with all the input information on one screen. This software will also print every imaginable schedule that you might need including disposals and the form 4562. You cannot find another depreciation program that is as cost effective as this one.
Gregory M. Burbage, MBA, CPA, CMA, CFM
-- Sacramento, California

Depreciation Calculator fits our needs perfectly. Very user friendly. We needed the program to be changed so that more than one person in our company could access the program from a network – and Cellutionware Software worked with us to change the program to fit our specific needs. Great company. 
-- Jonesboro, AR

We have been users of Depreciation Calculator for 3 tax years and don’t know how we survived so long without it. The software is easy to use, produces all the calculations and reporting we need for our book accounting, income tax and state personal property taxes. Updates are prompt and easy to install and customer service, when needed has been professional, prompt and courteous.  This software delivers excellent functionality at an incredibly low cost. 
Amy S. Brown
-- Omaha, NE

I can’t get over the ease in calculating depreciation. The use and friendliness of the screens can’t be beat, and I can depreciate anything. I have used this program when I obtained a new tax client and the prior year depreciation schedule was not available.  This program calculated the correct prior year depreciation with just a few strokes of the keys. Kudos to the company and may they “live long and prosper.”
Alan G
-- Tarzana, CA

Our agency has been using Cellutionware Depreciation Calculator for almost four years and we have been very satisfied with the accuracy and ease of use.  As upgrades have been made, the software has improved and our CPA is very comfortable with the depreciation figures I submit each year for our tax returns.
Charlotte S. -- Portland, OR

I really like your depreciation software. I find it very easy to use not only to enter new assets and to record dispositions, but in navigating through the various screens. I am very pleased with the variety of reports I am able to preview and/or print as it always seems that I can find a report that gives me just what I want.
W.K. Youngs, CPA
-- Grove City, OH

I am a sole practitioner in Jackson, Mississippi. I have used the Depreciation Calculator for several years. It is easy to use, has easy to read reports and is very affordable. The technical support is also excellent when needed. It was exactly what I needed in my size practice. Thank you for your product.
T.R.N. --
Jackson, MS

Depreciation Calculator is a wonderful product. I use it for our small business that is asset intensive. It is very easy to use and provides all the reporting needed for book and tax purposes as well as needed information for insurance purposes. Updates and new releases are very easy to install and have worked as planned. Support is very timely and helpful. Great product and great pricing.
Dick Crnkovich
-- Lenexa,KS

When I searched for a depreciation software to purchase, I was looking for a balance between accuracy, price and ease of use. I found Cellutionware to satisfy all three. I have been using Depreciation Calculator for three years and am very satisfied with it.
DMP --