Fixed Asset Depreciation Done Right!

The 2016 Version of the Annual Update is Now Available For Registered Users!


We are happy to announce that the 2016 Annual Update to Depreciation Calculator is now available and can be purchased below. Click Here for a partial list of the changes made to the 2016 version.

Single-User Update $195.00 -- With the Single-User version you are licensed to install the program on one local computer and one laptop computer that is used by the same person. It cannot be installed on a network server. Use the button below to purchase the Single User-Update.

Multi-User Update $295.00 -- With the Multi-User version you are licensed to install the program on up to 5 computers at a single location. The data file will be stored on your network server where it can be accessed from each of the 5 computers. However, two users can not use the same company file simultaneously. The other users must wait until the first user closes the company file before they can open it. Use the button below to purchase the Multi User-Update.

After processing your credit card payment: If you are not automatically returned to the Cellutionware Software website at the completion of processing your order, you will need to click on the Return To Cellutionware Software link that you will see on the PayPal webpage as shown below.

PayPal Screen

It may take as long as a minute after your transaction with PayPal has completed before you are returned to our download site, so please be patient and wait.

If you should have any problems, send an email to and we will send you a link to the download page of our website.

This payment will be shown as PayPal*CELLUTIONWA on your credit card statement.